FitSM – A free standard for lightweight IT Service Management

headDr. Thomas Schaaf
teamDr. Michael Brenner, Luis Alves, Malgorzata Krakowian, Tomasz Szepieniec, Marcin Radecki, Sy Holsinger, Dr. Sergio Andreozzi, Owen Appleton, Matti Heikkurinen, Prof. Dr. Joan Serrat, Prof. Dr. Roland Böttcher, Dr. Javier Rubio-Loloya, Dierk Söllner
guestsMartin Weigert, Luis Caldera, Frank Hofman, Roksana Dobrzańska, Jura Taurus, Michel Drescher

Brainstorming & Briefing


The new home of the FitSM committee – The FitSM standard and the certification schemes are now developed and maintained within the ITEMO. The official FitSM Website can be accessed at

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