Agile project management according to SCRUM

headMartin Weigert
teamBernd Moeske, Florian Koller, Dr. Christian Richter
guestsChristian Obkirchner, Lilli Allihn, Serhat Küpeli, Alexander Peters, Christoph Bisel,
Siegfried Stock, Dennis Henrichs, Alexander Grube (TÜV Süd), Elvira Niebius (TÜV Süd)

Brainstorming & Briefing

What is SCRUM?

In the fields of agile development and agile project management is SCRUM a widely used methodology for the development of any products. The working group is asked to define a SCRUM training according to the modular concept and create education curricula, examination regulations and examination questions for each level and continually update these documents.